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Fall in love with our CASA TERESA collection. Made exclusively from Belgian Oak.

Each casa teresa board is a work of art, these exceptional wide and long planks are engineered with a thick wear layer, in a varied surface treatments of lightly brushed and sanded. The natural colouring work on the tannins in the wood and create an unseen natural look. A unique collection that combines the elegance of pure oak with a spectrum of prominent shades. Casa Teresa is pure nostalgia. 

Casa Teresa Range brings the end user the chance to be involved in the design process of their floor, giving them the opportunity to create a completely custom-made wood floor. A luxurious material with which you can really feel the nature captured in the wood. 


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I am inspired by environments that gives me a pleasant feeling. That feeling I find in nature, watching my kids play, while traveling or when I look at an art piece, and this feeling is what I want to bring to my hardwood flooring projects. Real Beauty, Real Wood Floors.

Collection created by: Daisy Magana.



Traditional Belgian finishing techniques, custom made in our partner mill in Belgium. 

From modern to old finishes



Aged effect

Band saw effect


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Our engineered wood floor is made of two components: a solid wood layer called the wear layer that is laminated onto marine-grade Baltic Birch plywood, which is stacked in a balanced cross-grain configuration that minimizes expanding and shrinking.

Thickness Available: 1/2",  5/8",  3/4". 

Wear layer Available: 4, 5, 6 mm. 

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We offer our floors in a variety of patterns and bevels. Traditional features single width and variable length boards. Chevron,Versailles, Herringbone and Varying width. 


Our floors are available in 4 different type of bevel.