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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Vogue Parquet , fisher-island project/ european white oak flooring

Hardwood flooring continues to be a fast growing flooring choice among homeowners, designers and remodelers. Over the last couple years, there has been a seismic shift in style and colorations of hardwood flooring. Five inch wide hardwood flooring is becoming basic with six inch and seven inch wide planks becoming more common.Reds and oranges are out and browns and whites are in. In fact, in some ways it’s all about the color. Widely available finish colors include an array of browns, whites and even blacks. Domestic species such as oak, hickory, and maple continue to gain in popularity. It’s the lower grades of these domestic hardwoods that offer a more natural, rustic/vintage appearance, featuring nature’s fingerprints of knots, mineral streaks, graining and color variation which are increasingly preferred.

Today we are sharing what is trending, the looks we love, and some specific flooring we’ve used in recent projects.

Wide plank

Wide planks generally start around 5″ wide and usually go up to 10-12″. Because they are cut from the heart

of the trunk, they are also usually longer than cheaper narrower planks as well. The greater width and length of wide planks ensures there are fewer seams and gaps between pieces, which really allows you to see the color and grain of the wood itself. Of course, this also means you’ll see more knots and natural variances in the wood.Where wide plank flooring is installed, it’s often one of the first things a person notices when walking into a room; it very easily acts as a focal point.

Picture 12" wide solid flooring/ Vogue Parquet

White oak

We predict white oak floors are going to be big in 2020. Not only does oak offer durability and affordability, but European white oak especially offers a smoother grain for a more modern aesthetic. Smaller growth rings combine with the wavy grain patterns to allow for better contrasts between shades for floors that really stand out.

White oak fits the modern design principles better Since the graining of the white oak wood is less distinct, it provides a more streamlined, modern look. By contrast, red oak flooring can seem a little too rough and old-fashioned. The smooth, relatively uniform white oak graining is a result of numerous mineral streaks present in the white oak wood. It is a great match for minimalistic interior design.

European white oak / Vogue Parquet

Layouts and patterns

2020 is all about getting creative with your wood flooring, expect to see unique and beautiful patterns like chevron, herringbone, double or triple herringbone and diagonal. Herringbone flooring on a small or large scale, brings a magnificent design element; it’s timeless, classic and beautifully chic. Chevron, similar to the Herringbone pattern, is also made up of equally sized wood flooring and laid on an angle. The difference between the two patterns is where the boards meet in the middle. While the Herringbone pieces are perfect rectangular shapes that overlap one another the Chevron pieces have angles on the ends that meet perfectly next to their adjoining row, creating a straight line.

Engineered hardwood floors

Engineered wood with a plywood core is a top choice for homeowners,They're strong and come in many veneer finishes, and use wood very economically and sustainably.

Oak, mahogany, and ash are the most on-trend finishes, because they’re hard and less photosensitive than other woods, meaning they’ll last longer.

engineered flooring/ Vogue Parquet

For many of our customers engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect and in many cases the preferred option to solid hardwood flooring. It has more dimensional strength when compared to hardwood, with the benefit of being significantly less expensive.

Engineered hardwood flooring is better resistance to changes in temperature and moisture. It is also a much more stable product than hardwood flooring. In many ways, it provides the benefits of natural hardwood, with the strength and moisture resistance of a man-made product, because that is in essence exactly what it is. Engineered hardwood consists of a top layer of real solid wood, which is then attached to a plywood base construction. It is the melding of the hardwood with the plywood base, which generates the strength and stability of the flooring, with the added benefit of resistance to heat and moisture. This makes it the perfect flooring choice for a variety of rooms where temperature can fluctuate dramatically.

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