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Why is white oak so popular ? White oak hardwood flooring has been expanding in popularity in the last few years, they are know for their durability and versatility. White oak both European and domestic (American) provides multiple benefits that go over and beyond other flooring options. Its also the most popular species that we installed and we get a lot of requests from clients, here at Vogue Parquet we love white oak as much as our clients.

White Oak looks more modern and less traditional because it is not as graining as red oak. The rings of the white oak grow close together, giving it a smooth and uniform look. Linear mineral streaks also add to this look and provide the modern look with a vintage feel which fits well with many modern farmhouse or industrial styles.

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Not all hardwoods are equally. Some may be harder or softer than others, which can tell you how they’ll hold up to everyday use. White oak receives a Janka or hardness score of 1360, which makes it harder than red oak, ash, cherry and American walnut. This means that it will withstand daily use well, without a lot of denting or dinging. However, the quality of the finish is also important in addition to the hardness of the natural wood. Hardwood flooring products that are pre-finished (finished at the factory) are more durable than a site-finished product. This is due to the ability to UV cure the polyurethane protective finish during factory processes in a controlled environment.

What differentiates white oak from other woods is the fact that it has a grey/brown undertone with a cooler hue. This makes white oak a lot more versatile and able to fit in with more interior designs than some other wood floors.For a sleek, contemporary look, select grade white oak. looking a more rustic look? Character grade white oak can do that too.

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One of the most challenging decisions to make is what color to stain or select your White Oak hardwood floor or simply leave it natural with a clear finish. The choice is entirely based on your aesthetic and preferences as quality White Oak takes stain very well when prefinished or finished on site, from light ,to medium and dark colors.

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European white oak grows taller than the average American white oak species and is often used for specialty longer length and wider floor planks to the way it grows, the European oak's sapwood is wider and thicker than its heartwood compared to American oaks. Because the sap wood is thicker in European oak, you will find clearer and more select pieces in a wider widths.European oak is generally live-sawn in which the log of the tree is cut right through from the front to the back. This gives the flooring a beautiful look while allowing different cuts of hardwood log to be showcased on the planks.American oak on the other hand is typically cut using three main sawing methods, plain, rift or quartered. European oak is preferred over domestic oak for its ability to capture rich, true color. You will notice a different graining in domestic oak as well. Tighter graining, with more of a cathedral look,

To determine the quality of white oak look for characteristics like tight growth rings and long lengths, which show the wood came from the center of old, mature tree. Shorter, narrower boards come from the upper portion and branches of the tree, which imply an inferior product. This will impact the overall performance and longevity of your floor, as well as its durability and aesthetic. A White Oak floor is highly customizable in terms of grade, structure, length, cut, surface, and finish.

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White oak is affordable, compared to most other species and is the solution when quality must be a priority, but also when you have a budget to keep. An unfinished White Oak floor can cost between $5-$12 where as a pre-finished White Oak floor can cost between $7-$25 depending on the width, length and other quality factors. If you want to make sure your money is being invested into something that will last, you won’t be disappointed by this option.

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You can use White Oak floor planks on walls and ceilings. From planks to parquet such as Versailles, Chevrons and Herringbone , you have a variety of product types to choose from. Due to the versatility of White Oak, it can be installed in mostly any room in your home.

white oak can elevate the style of your home or commercial space effortlessly. Consider the beauty of white oak flooring for your interior design to capture these benefits for yourself.

Will you be installing white oak wood floors in your home ? let us know in the comment below.

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