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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Budget friendly and stylish wood floors in miami

What you’ll get to know from this blog?

- Best wood flooring for Florida homes.

- Budget-friendly wood floors.

Best budget-friendly wood flooring for Florida homes.

Florida's weather & humid climate is unique in its own way. This state is all about the water level a few feet below the top layer, beachy & hot vibes with high moisture content in the interior.

Most Florida homes are founded on cemented slabs and sub-floors are rarely prepared for wood flooring by builders. Engineered wood is a suitable flooring option for your gorgeous Miami home. As it's long-lasting and has a luxury surface that goes well with the beachy environment around you.

But what matters before you choose wood floors for your resident is, knowing more about Florida warmth & moist climate. Other one is to know your home-architect better.

As humidity can cause the wood to expand/contract and rot. So, professional installation and maintenance add value to the hardwood floor.

But if you want precaution from Florida's climate hit. Must go for quality engineered wood ( pre-finished) which is the best option for Miami and its vibrant style of housing.

- Easy to lay directly on the concrete slab or you can first create a plywood sub-floor layer to prevent moisture.

- Pre-finished engineered hardwood has a top layer designed and a particle layer below to obstruct moisture from down the surface.

- It's 300% stronger than solid hardwood because of its construction.

New wood flooring trends Miami.

Bleached & white washed wood floors.

The look you’ll get is ashy white-washed and the organic wood grain still being visible for that perfect Wooden look, the top 2 wood species we recommended for this look is ash and European oak preferably pre-finish for a more durable floor. It’s wonderful and exotic to have this beautiful bleached flooring for your seaside retreats like we have in Miami.

Wide Planks

This wider/longer format has the ability to play tricks on the eyes, evoking a sense of expansiveness in rooms, also it creates cleaner visuals for a minimal design specially for an open floor plan aesthetic. We believe that the wide and long plank trend will continue and endure, especially in Miami that we are seeing more and more homes design to have big and modern floor plans.

Material used French oak

Wood Staircase to match wood floor

This year we see a strong inclination for wooden stairs, and I think it is a trend that will last since simple interior designs are the most desired in Miami, when we make a staircase like in the picture below with the same specifications as the floor we achieve a minimalist, modern and cleaner aesthetic.

Material used European oak

Budget friendly wood floors in Miami.

Engineered prefinish wood.

Why must you go for it?

- You’ll get the exact look of solid hardwood at an affordable cost.

- It’s stronger to resist humidity & moisture of Miami and add durability to your resident

- Scratch-resistant and dent free surface for long-lasting use.

- ca be installed directly over the concrete slab.

- They are easier to clean and maintain.

Cost: As per HGTV engineered wood flooring average rate is $10 per square foot.

Bottom Lines.

Budget-friendly and stylish wood floors are available at vogue parquet in Miami.

If you want professional advantage at budget negotiated rates, call us at ( 786) 606-9301 or email you query at

We have worked with over 100+ flooring projects till yet and they all are satisfied with the impressive European designs.


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