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Creating the transitions in our Hardwood flooring projects is the most interesting and enjoyable part of my projects and whenever my clients allow me I can be very creative, since there are many ways to create transitions from one room to another that fit the desired design. I will share with you the ones we recommend the most, so If you came to this article looking for transition ideas for your new home or business, you have come to the right blog.

Without any further ado, let's start with the simplest transitions to the most luxurious with project photos made by our team at Vogue Parquet and finally my advice on how you can achieve it.


This transition is simple, modern and very effective in minimalist interiors, we make it very frequent (our most popular one) in rooms that meet bathrooms, although it seems simple it requires very precise measurements and cuts to achieve a relentless encounter with other floors at the same level.

Project: Armani Casa in Miami by Vogue Parquet.

Flush transitions to other surfaces like tile, ceramic and marble.


This type of transition is more classic and is used to intentionally separate one room from another or also to change the direction of the floor in areas such as hallways, it is really a great way to give the floor and design much more life.

Project: Coral Gables private residence.

Wood to wood transition is a simple way to separate layouts, patterns and direction.


This type of transition is used in luxurious interiors, here you can be very creative, either by adding a transition of another color or another species, this takes some customization and craftsmanship but the end result is just incredible.


If you are looking to give a little EXTRA to your space or if you want to add metals to your interior design, this is a very good option, specially for dark wood flooring. Metal transitions give a very unique touch and a classy accent to any interior, the good news is that today there are endless options such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel with finishes from brush to matte. We always recommend to our clients that they opt for a discreet profile with minimum reveal which creates an elegant transition between wood and marble. Personally I love this transition because you can not only apply it to floors, you can also insert them into wooden walls or wooden stairs.

Now that you know your options, I am going to share my top tips on how to make two surfaces seamless, whether you are remodeling your home or it is a new construction, preparation is key.

1- Select the flooring materials for each space of your residence, from the living room to the bathrooms, make sure that nothing is left without choosing flooring, once you have the materials, know the thickness of your hardwood floor.

2-If you have a floor plan, start designing the transitions, my concept is to go with few transitions only in necessary places, it is important that you plan all the transitions before starting.

3- Based on our projects, 95% of our clients choose wood throughout the property with the exception of some bathrooms, whether that is your decision or not the next step is to install all non-wood materials first, wood is always the last material to be install.

4-Communication is key in this step, tell your tile installer that you want the floor to be installed at a specific height, this height will be based on the thickness of the hardwood floor you have chosen, if you are going to place a plywood subfloor, don't forget to include this thickness as well, to make it even easier for the worker, provide a sample of wood to guide them.

5-When starting the installation of wood, make sure that the installer has experience with this type of transitions, and provide him the floor plan with the transitions that you want to achieve, then seat back and enjoy your floors.

We have reached the end of this article, I would love for you to share your opinion, and tell us which transition you liked the most or which one you like for your home?

Leave me your comments below.

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