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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Installation of Hardwood flooring? Have you ever thought about the process behind it? Our clients love to know the process of installing their hardwood flooring, they find it fascinating! For us, it's our passion and we love transforming our clients' homes.

In this article you will find valuable information and some tips based on our experience through years as a wood floor contractor.

Installation of hardwood flooring

Let's know more,

It’s important to figure out not only who is going to install your wood floor,  but what that process will entail.  What kind of wood flooring installation have you got ahead of you? 

Well, like many important questions, the answer is ‘it depends’ on the kind of wood floor you’ve got in mind.

Hardwood flooring is a big project and preparation is really important. Before we lay a single plank, there are a few factors that we consider to ensure the best installation experience possible.


Hardwood flooring doesn’t do well with moisture, If you plan to install your flooring in a bathroom or kitchen, you’ll be better off choosing engineered hardwood flooring or a hardwood species that doesn’t respond negatively to high moisture levels. You should also check the moisture levels for the air in the respective rooms as well as the subfloor. Measurements will vary depending on the type of subfloor, but humidity levels should stay at or below 60%. A consistent A/C temperature should be kept in the property and wood flooring should be acclimatized at least 10 days before installation.


The subfloor is the material that will lie beneath your hardwood flooring. It’s usually the concrete slab or made with plywood. The type of subfloor will decide the installation method.

Here’s a general guide to the types of subfloors best suited for various types of hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood: Only install over wood subfloors (can not be installed over concrete subfloors) on grade or above grade. You can nail this type of flooring or glue down, depending on the Size of the planks.

Engineered hardwood: To be installed with staples, nails or glue-down, install over wood or concrete subfloors. This material can be used above, below, or on grade, great choose for kitchen, basement and bathroom.

Plywood vs Concrete slab

Preparing a subfloor for a hardwood floor is something that many contractors do not consider important, but the better the subfloor is treated, the better the final results as well as guaranteeing the behavior of the wood floor in the long term, it is recommended to use a moisture barrier system, to prevent moisture from the concrete penetrating into the wood, as for plywood subfloor must be installed professionally leaving small gaps between one sheet and another, once the subfloor has been prepared correctly then it begins installation.

Note: The information provided is base on our experience as a hardwood wood flooring business with over 7 years in the industry.

Vogue Parquet installation projects 2021-2022

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