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Installation of Hardwood flooring? Have you ever thought about the process behind it?

Let's know more,

It’s important to figure out not only who is going to install your wood floor,  but what that process will entail.  What kind of wood flooring installation have you got ahead of you? 

Well, like many important questions, the answer is ‘it depends’ on the kind of wood floor you’ve got in mind.

Installation of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a big project and preparation is really important. Before we lay a single plank, there are a few factors that we consider to ensure the best installation experience possible.

Moisture Levels: Hardwood flooring doesn’t do well with moisture, some types of floors shouldn’t be cleaned with water. If you plan to install your flooring in a bathroom or kitchen, you’ll be better off choosing engineered hardwood flooring or a hardwood species that doesn’t respond negatively to high moisture levels.You should also check the moisture levels for the air in the respective rooms as well as the subfloor. Measurements will vary depending on the type of subfloor, but humidity levels should stay between 30%-50%. A consistent temperature should be kept in the space and flooring should be acclimatized at least 72 hours.

Subfloor: The subfloor is the material that will lie beneath your hardwood flooring. It’s usually made of wood or concrete. The type of subfloor will affect your installation. Some floors cannot be glued or nailed to certain subfloors,

Here’s a general guide to the types of subfloors best suited for various types of hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood with over 3/4 inch thickness: Only install over wood subfloors (can not be installed over concrete subfloors) on grade or above grade. You must nail this type of flooring or glue-assist.

Engineered hardwood: To be installed with staples or glue-down, install over wood or concrete. This material can be used above, below, or on grade, great choose for kitchen, basement and bathroom.

Note: The information provided is base on our experience as a hardwood wood flooring business with over 7 years in the industry.

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