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Miami is our city close to nature, and that’s what makes it vibrant.

Filled with wonderful beaches, natural south Florida residences, and resources to build eco-friendly homes for your family which are structured from sustainable products, organic resources, save energy, and support the environment.

LEED certified these eco-residences (Leadership in energy and environmental design) in which the U.S green building council rated a particular building on its material used, impact on the atmosphere, life-cycle, way of design, and healthy living.

Miami people now can live a luxury life with nature-friendly homes and buildings in their beautiful water-splashing city with beachy blossoms.

Some greenest buildings you might have heard of:

Biscayne Beach.

Grove at grand bay.

Brickell Ten.

Rise Brickell city centre.

1 hotel and homes.

Reach Brickell city centre.

26 Edgewater.

As you can see, various industries are following sustainable solutions to behave as environment-friendly despite the higher rates.

Every industry from architecture, interior designs to hardwood flooring are adapting organic-green ways to grow their market as people shifted their choice to natural things in many ways.

This drastic change in customer preferences is boosting eco-friendly flooring in their residences or commercial buildings for long-lasting support.

As they don’t want to risk their lives.

A familiar case is with the hardwood flooring selection because they are eco-friendly/organic and applicable to your new trend of eco-residence in Miami.

Mystical benefits of eco-friendly hardwood flooring that you must know as a Miami resident:

  • Hardwood floors are strong, live for decades, and build the value of your home for years passing by.

  • Wood flooring provides you with improved air quality and prevents allergies to your place as it doesn’t grab dust particles, hair, animal dander, and other allergens on the smooth surface.

  • You can install wood floors with any versatile home decor design in your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

  • You will achieve the sustainable organic fragrance of our wood floors with a luxury appearance.

  • Hardwood floors get valuable over time with amazing transformation in shades, quality, and surface.

  • Healthy options for your kids and pets as it is easier to clean and maintain with them. Non-allergic prevents dust from staying organic for your little ones to play on it.

  • Keeps your place hygienic hair dust from settling down on it. Less risk to your overall health and hygiene.

  • Gives a natural smell and looks for decades. Plus points for eco-residence owners as it will upgrade your property value with organic and greener material it contains.

  • Your feet feel comfortable in every season on wood flooring, as wood is an insulator. You seem to have warmth in winters and cool feet in summers.

Wood flooring will add more glow to your eco-residences and condo buildings in Miami city.

We are the most reputable luxury hardwood flooring brand in Miami and our hardwood floors fit well for your eco-residence as our hardwood is organic with European touch which we get craft from Belgium.

If you want to have a marvelous fusion of eco-friendly architecture with natural hardwood flooring at your place.

Reach out to us at 786–606–9301 and for more detailed information.

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