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Marvelous History of Reclaimed hardwood.

The long history of reclaimed hardwood started in the 18th century to the 20th century. Also expressed as “lumber,” used in abundance for constructing structures and buildings based in North America and Europe.

In older times, mainly recycled flooring and paneling of vintage bars, cottages, and offices were supplied from France, the USA, and the North of England area.

Woodwork shines after 100 years and can manage your traffic loads because of its resistance and the tight bond of material.

The innovative idea of designing reclaimed hardwood came to the world when environmental concerns started taking up the stage. And we have to use a sustainable quantity of wood. This gave birth to re-usable, elegant, modern, and classic reclaimed wood for your commercial and modern residences.

How reclaimed wood reformed from normal wood.


The most preferred variety of wood categories that are reclaimed are — French Oak, redwood, pine, and walnut.

We are dedicated to presenting premium quality service of French Oak flooring as Jessiel, our founder with 12 years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry, recommends Oak wood best for floors as it gives firm support to your floor.

Reclaimed Oak hardwood flooring is a luxury choice of builders in Europe, England, and most of the Americas. Oak is smooth, finished, classic and sourced from oak trees.

We can engineer this reclaimed hardwood for your bathrooms and kitchen flooring by making it oiled with layers of plywood. And it becomes tough to bear the moist wear and tear of activities of daily living.


Create reclaimed hardwood flooring to elevate your luxury lifestyle with us.

Know the transforming quality benefits you will get from it!

  • Biodegradable quality with a beautiful, stylish, and glossy appearance of reclaimed hardwood, which can be fit in various modern structures and interior spaces.

  • Support your environment from deforestation by taking up the global responsibility of saving trees/wood.

  • Help you define your concise and unique approach to quality choice. As you can install, it is for interior and exterior spaces.

  • Transform your modern resident and commercial office with its smooth finish. Get prepared to view your dream flooring with Vogue parquet.

  • After finishing, it gets enhanced with tonal variations depending on the layering you select as  traditional wax, hard wax oil, lacquer. It will decide at last the exact color of your hardwood floor. Consult with our co-founder Daisy about the design and tone.

  • It will provide a soothing and mesmerizing feel to your interior with its fine and glossy body. Prepare your shooting schedule after its installation as your Instagram profile is about to catch the eye.

  • Reclaimed high-quality wood will give your inner confidence in your lifestyle because of its versatile features that can catch the attention of everyone standing on it.

If you want to achieve the perfect floor tone, premium quality flooring consultation service of installation, and hardwood acclimation at your place in Miami.

Take a deep breath to decide on your floor design.

And then reach out to us at 786 606 9310 or email your query anytime.

We are ready to support you with our explicit service.


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