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Updated: Jul 27, 2022


When determining on what kind of custom hardwood flooring to buy, most people don’t consider the cut of the log. However, the cut of the log is an important consideration. You can buy the same species of hardwood floor in many different combinations. The milling methods used to manufacture the floor will give it a specific character or appearance.

There are four different cuts of wood that have their own distinct look

  1. Live Sawn

  2. Plain Sawn

  3. Quarter Sawn

  4. Rift Sawn


This European Style to cutting wood is one of the more environmentally-friendly methods, as all of the lumber is utilized, leaving zero waste. The end result of live sawn lumber is a unique grain that combines the look from plain sawn, rift sawn and quarter sawn. This type of cut is our most requested material.


This cut of wood is one of the most common and is distinguished by it’s sawing method. The board is cut, turned 90 degrees, then cut again. This cut also produces a minimal amount of waste, and produces a cathedral grain pattern.


The rings in this option are between 30 and 60 degrees to the face of the plank, with 45 degrees being the most ideal. The end result of this method is a unique linear grain pattern with no flecking.


This cut of wood is the most expensive and least common.The planks are cut perpendicular to the tree’s growth rings. This cut can provide a more modern look through the very linear grain pattern and is popular with oak and maple species. However, it is difficult to get these types of planks wider than four inches across.

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