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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Hardwood flooring trends 2021, What hardwood flooring are in style in 2021? Let's dive in

Hardwood flooring is trending & growing in popularity year after year and it’s the preferred flooring product for most homeowners. We see how other flooring products are imitating the look of wood floors like vinyl, laminate, and porcelain, but most people prefer the real deal…. Wood floors.

Hardwood flooring trends 2021

Hardwood is not only natural but also timeless, warm, classic, and can last for over a century. You can change the color and finish of wood floors as interior design trends change. It will create a more welcoming and cozy look for your home. The value of the property will increase, which is why most homeowners opt for the real deal, wood floors.

Flooring is the foundation of any home. Whether it’s wood, marble, or carpet you need to select wisely because not all colors work for all homes, you may consider your home’s decor theme, which includes furniture, walls, doors, windows, etc.

Last year we made an article with a similar topic “hardwood flooring trends 2020” and this year we’ve received many requests from our followers on Instagram @vogueparquet to create an updated 2021 version.

It’s important to keep in mind that these trends are our opinion based on what we’ve seen throughout the years. There are many different home styles and it’s important to select something you love rather than something on-trend.

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So let begin with the latest trends of hardwood floors 2021 and some specific flooring we’ve used in recent projects.

CONTENT: Hardwood flooring trends 2021

COLORS/STAINS - The latest trend in hardwood flooring 2021?


latest color trend in hardwood flooring

Over the last few years, we have seen gray and more gray wooden floors. Some are darker, some lighter, some in between, we call it the fifty shades of gray. Gray wood floors keep growing and growing, you can see them everywhere you go, from local restaurants, hotels, banks, or a single-family home. Last year we had a high demand for gray wood flooring and gray vinyl planks, this year the trend is not going anywhere while it’s still very much in demand.


natural & light hardwood flooring trends

Say goodbye to reds and oranges, say hello to natural and light. This is #1 most popular and requested wood floor of choice of our clients. We are fans of natural hardwood floors, it’s versatility and how it works in almost any space and with any style, whether it be, beach house, farmhouse, or contemporary house. Natural wood floors work in anything from relaxed to upscale, they are the perfect creamy, neutral backdrop for any space.


White wash hardwood flooring trends 2021

Whitewashed wood floors have a huge comeback this year, the trend is spreading more and more across the country. This relaxed look has been used in farmhouses and it will also give that beachy feel that everyone loves about Miami. Whitewashed wood floors will make your home look super bright, big, and modern, the cool thing about whitewashed floors is that they show less dirt compared to darker floors. If you are going for a farmhouse look this a great option for you.


Brown walnut hardwood flooring trends 2021

Yes, brown walnut. We believe richer brown walnut is making a revolution into more traditional style homes this year. Walnut is exceptionally beautiful and provides a warm feel thanks to the rich, dark colors and natural grain designs. This wood species will make a statement in any room. Walnut tends to look warm and rustic and shows grains and knots more distinctly than certain other species, so it’s perfect if you’re aiming for a more natural look.

FINISHES - Another trending thing is hardwood flooring 2021

Finishes trending in hardwood flooring 2021

This year satin and matte finishes are just getting started, glossy and semi-gloss finishes are very dated, hard to clean, and show every single dust and dirt. Satin and matte finishes are the most popular because of their low luster and also super easy to maintain, last longer and stylish.

TEXTURES - Famous trends in hardwood flooring in 2021

hardwood floors texture trends 2021

Wire Brushed floors, also called distressed but a more modern version of distressed, can range from moderate to extreme in texture. To create wire brush wood floors, the wood is delicately brushed with steel bristles, opening the grain, removing the soft portion of the top of the wood plank, leaving the hardest wood and revealing a subtle scuffed effect. It’s a warm, natural texture you can see and feel that accentuates contrasts in color and masks the effects of daily traffic. This texture is a good choice for hardwoods such as Oak and Hickory and it generally looks best with a matte finish on them. The texture gives a distressed look to the floor which can be a great choice for rustic or farmhouse interiors.

We normally install wire brushed hardwood in a pre-finished form as the wire brushing labor is very intensive, it has to be done by hand.

WOOD FLOORING TYPE - Ofcourse trending in hard flooring 2021

wood flooring type trends hardwood flooring 2021

Well you have two material options solid and engineered hardwood flooring, more people in our city Miami are selecting engineered hardwood flooring, it a better and more practical solution for the warm weather we have, engineered Hardwood flooring can be installed directly on concrete slabs, bathrooms, kitchens and basement, it can also be sanded and refined over the years to refresh the color and finish of your floors, there are tons of pre-finish engineered hardwood floor this allows the homeowners to choose their preferred colors, finishes and textures.

Okay, thinking about the average hardwood flooring cost?

GENERAL - Hardwood flooring trends in Miami 2021

general hardwood flooring trends

Minimalist and rustic layouts are very trending this year, more customers preferred white oak than any other species and wider planks.

Want to know hardwood flooring trends 2022 we've covered the latest 2022 hardwood floor trends for you.

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