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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Hickory wood floors - All you need to know, Let's dive in


Know about the rarest ethnic hardwood. It will make you feel like you are living in an old castle.

It’s none other than hickory.

Before we start, want to know - Hardwood flooring trends 2021 we've also covered hardwood flooring trends 2022 for you.

Hickory wood floor is one of the best options for homeowners in Miami, as we have observed till now. It’s unique in style, shades, surface, pattern, and you will get an amazing look at this natural hardwood in an engineered pre-finished form that is professionally installed with Vogue parquet.

hickory wood floors installed in Miami

Let’s get into the world of hickory hardwood in depth.

You experience hickory as one of the solid, durable, beautiful, and resistant wood floors available.

We manufacture organically our wood flooring from hickory trees planted in us and Europe that were created into the finished pieces in Belgium.

The wood species has awesome strength, durability, and quality, and it is used to make baseball bats and other sports material, which gives hickory that power to resist dents, cracks, and moisture issues in the Miami climate.

Pre-finished engineered hardwood with hickory is our choice to be installed in heavy traffic areas like the kitchen and commercial spaces like restaurants. With this, you no need to sacrifice hardness for style. As you will get its wider variety of shades and collections with us at vogue parquet.

Want to understand more about prefinished hardwood flooring

Hickory wood floors patterns


The pros & cons of hickory hardwood floors are listed below

Pros of hickory wood floors

  • You will explore the grain pattern of the hickory wood floors with an authentic shade range of tan, brown, and red, giving it a vintage country touch.

  • We designed the style of the floor by a pattern of knots, streaks, and ethnic ways which signify luxury and quality in one design.

  • Most sustainable and durable, which makes it smooth to handle in your daily wear and tear as it can be cleaned up easily.

  • Vogue parquet offers vibrant tones of hickory in the bright and deep fusion of red, brown, copper, gold, caramel, beige, and many more.

  • Engineered hickory is stronger and more trustable as it has less chance of shrinking, expanding, and contracting in the hot humid weather of your Miami city.

Cons of hickory wood floors

  • Hickory can become more expensive than oak as it has a hardness, variety of designs, and tons of shades to put on. You will explore both qualities of a perfect hardwood flooring in it.

  • Tough to mold in DIY projects because it is hard to cut and shape into your imaginary DIY view. As it’s tough to transform in a short time into a new design.

But hickory got way more advantages than disadvantages. You can walk for it with little thinking.

So, you must go for this solid, luxurious, vintage, and authentic hardwood flooring if you want various benefits in one flooring category.

Well, you know who provides the best hardwood flooring in Miami?

If you want to elevate your Miami residence with hickory hardwood floors, reach out to us at 7866069310 or email your inquiry anytime.

We support every different thought process related to hardwood floors and vibrant style of luxury living for your residence and commercial spaces.

As you are aware of our highest quality wood flooring service with solid hardwood engineered, multiple styles, and finishes. We also provide customized projects to satisfy our clients’ needs in the way they want and even more than they expected.

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Wait before you go we want to reveal a secret to you 🤫 - We invent the future of luxury hardwood flooring

See you soon.

Till then imagine how you wanted to see your place to look like. 😉


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