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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Hardwood is a natural, organic, and classic flooring material from older times till now with lots of authentic features that you will cherish.

They give a crystal luxurious, smooth finish to your floor surface by uplifting your walking confidence in it. You will experience a classic feel on every step.

Wood floors have various styles, shades, and categories to select from as per your lifestyle. You have Solid hardwood floors and Engineered wood floors to choose from for your living room, bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms.

As a natural material, they never lose their shine despite a decade of installation. White oak, French oak, and hickory wood floors are most preferred across Miami homeowners because of their durability and quality.

Vogue parquet has been serving luxury hardwood flooring for 9 years and is considered as the most prestigious luxury wood flooring service with an eminent client base in the lively city of Miami.

As our exquisite style of work and patterns narrate about our premium nature in all.

So, let’s explore how our clients feel after having the luxury hardwood floors installed by us.

Here are those 5 special reviews as an experience we hear every time after finishing from our honored customers

1. Natural and exotic to walk on.

If you got any beach house style with a large window house, then hardwood floors with natural knots, minerals, and grain streaks are recommended for an exotic vibe at your place.

Most organic-looking woods are white oak, hickory, and maple. They take stains very elegantly which appear more luxurious and stylish while walking.

European white oak is the most attractive wood with natural stains, natural hardwood color version is opted by our various clients for a complete natural woody experience at their place.

2. Blend of artistic and royal finish on the floor.

If you ever visited the ancient castles and churches of Europe/ England. You will observe a floor of ethnic classic style hardwood.

This signifies woodwork is strong and gives long life to your architecture with an artistic and royal finish after installation.

It will elevate the appearance scale of your place by increasing the value of your property with a decade of promise to stay.

And you can also make it re-transformed by sanding and refinishing after some years. You will have a royal soul with luxury hardwood flooring service by vogue parquet.

3. Supportive with home and family.

If you are from a busy household with kids and dogs, hardwood flooring is the best option compared to other carpets or tiles.

Let’s know the reason why!

  • The non-toxic nature of the product prevents allergies from coming in.

  • Someone can easily clean hardwood flooring after a skill or stain session with your younger one.

  • Light textured wood of white oak will cover dents and scratches.

  • Pre-finished engineered hardwood is preferred in residents with families of kids and pets. What makes prefinished engineered hardwood durable is that it has a UV finish at the factory.

4. Smooth to clean and handle.

If taken appropriate care, hardwood flooring will live from generation to generation.

What you have to do is:

Vacuum to prevent dirt and scratches on the floor. If you are a pet owner or a parent, it will help you a lot. You can also give it a fresh look after mopping it with a cleaner and micro-fiber cloth.

5. Satisfied with its long-life and shiny lustrous coat.

Hardwood flooring installation with us is a premium and remarkable experience. As we give our best in every stage, from measuring to finish.

We have a positive client base that is honored by our durable service and unique process of work. They believe in how we make every floor look stylish and lustrous, which suits their living in all ways.

If you want to enhance your flooring, contact vogue parquet and then reach out to us at 786 606 9310 or mail your query anytime.

We are ready to support you with our explicit service.


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