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How to select proper species for your hardwood flooring

How to select the proper species for your hardwood flooring or what should one look for when buying hardwood floors?

Let's dive in

In 2021, there are numberless types of hardwood floors to please everyone’s taste and needs for wood species, as with any flooring material, there are many options when it comes to hardwood flooring.

Having many choices is always a good thing but it can also be overwhelming and the most confusing part is what type of wood is best for hardwood floors?

That’s why we thought it would be helpful to provide a way to assist you, so you can choose the best species for your hardwood flooring and love your hardwood floor for many years to come.

Also, stay updated on the latest hardwood flooring trends to follow.

Hardwood flooring is available in many types of wood species to select from, here Is a list of the most popular species.

How to select proper wood species for you hardwood flooring

Miami wood species for hardwood flooring

Project by Vogue Parquet

European white oak

Each species has its’ own unique characteristics, different grain patterns, and hardness not only does it contribute to the look, but it also plays a big part in the wear and longevity of the flooring.

So how do you find which hardwood species is right for your home? First, you need to ask yourself some questions.

1: Where is the hardwood flooring going to be installed?

If you plan to have hardwood flooring install in the entire house the recommend hardwood species that have a higher Janka hardness rating and stronger grains.

Red oak


For kitchens and bathrooms, consider engineered hardwood flooring and domestic species, a high traffic room needs a floor that can withstand regular wear.


White oak

For bedrooms, you have many options to consider, but bedrooms' flooring should be comfortable to your bare feet, unique, durable, and also needs to go with your bedroom decor.

So consider exotic hardwood or imported wood species,


Brazilian cherry

European white oak

wood species for hardwood flooring in Miami

Project by Vogue Parquet

French oak in herringbone pattern

2: Do you have pets or kids? hardwood floors can become the battle ground

Most homeowners have pets and kids, this matter because having pets or children can cause wear and tear to your hardwood flooring,

but selecting the appropriate wood species will make a huge difference, select hardwood species that have the higher Janka hardness rating &

also consider species with knots, grains, and character marks that will help hiding dents and scratches.




Hardwood flooring wood species

Project by Vogue Parquet

Distressed white oak

3: It’s your home modern, contemporary, rustic, etc? Before hardwood flooring, you first need to find your home style

Modern: Select species with fine grain pattern and cool hues, White oak has gray undertones and no hint of red.

Its grain and color vary only slightly, producing an overall floor effect of smooth elegance, which is suitable for modern design styles and high traffic rooms.

Hardwood floors color trends that will amaze you.

Contemporary: Select species with smooth grain patterns and brown and beige hues, from cherry to maple and walnut.

Cherry has warm brown hues and smooth grain but is slightly softer than other woods, so is best for rooms like bedrooms, formal dining-rooms, and hallways.

Maple has light beige, tan and cream hues with occasional streaks this hardwood complement many styles including contemporary, this wood are suitable for high traffic rooms.

Walnut has chocolate and deep brown hues with large straight grain patterns that make this hardwood a top choice for drama and sophisticating style, walnut is suitable for medium to light traffic rooms.

Rustic: Select species large knots and more character, hickory is another durable choice, it has brown-tones, ranging from creamy beige with a hint of red with dark brown streak and color that can vary substantially from board to board, hickory is well suited to rustic and for high traffic rooms.

How to select proper species for hardwood flooring

4: What is your flooring budget?

Exotic and imported hardwood species are more expensive than domestic hardwood species, board length, width, and thickness also play a big factor in the cost.

Walnut, cherry, and teak are at a higher cost when compared to red oak, white oak, and maple.

Vogue Parquet has decades of experience assisting homeowners choose the right species of hardwood for their new wood floors. Our complimentary estimates include an in-home consultation and guidance of hardwood flooring.

Project by Vogue Parquet

American Walnut hardwood flooring

As always we are here for you, please reach out to or call us at (786) 606-9301 for any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to share our blog on your social media.


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