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Let’s discover the story behind this.

We are a family business focused on providing the unique version of hardwood flooring styles and luxury feels to your place. We are a couple with years of knowledge in the unique concepts of the wood flooring industry and an interest in creative aspects of fashion and designing. You will receive more than hardwood flooring installed after working with us as creative and style-focused professionals.

How we invent the future of luxury hardwood flooring service.

  • We give you our 8 years of experience in luxury hardwood flooring space.

  • Jessiel Hernandez — our founder got immense knowledge of every area of hardwood flooring styles as fashion and art designs inspire him.

  • We focused on providing the most concise, professional, and polished service of wood flooring in Miami. As we know what Miami weather and the natural lifestyle of beaches with humid waves are like and how we can make them happy with our luxury hardwood flooring designs.

  • We will understand your needs, your living, what you expect from your home to feel like, and how you want your floor to speak out about your personality.

  • As a renowned hardwood flooring business, we give personal experience, quality wood material with proper installation, and flexibility to express your thoughts in your way.

What points make us exclusive in our luxurious flooring service.

  • It’s our passion, our love, our profession to deliver the most exotic feel to your Miami resident/commercial floors more than expected.

  • We are not that ‘What is our wish” type of flooring business. We are focused on client satisfaction and how they really experience change after the wood flooring installation.

  • The artistic and royal castles inspired our work style. We prefer organic, biodegradable, non-toxic hardwood for our clients to complete their classic flooring dreams with us.

  • Jessiel recommends quality white French oak wood, as it’s durable and famous across Europe.

  • We are aware of the lifestyle of Miami and will give our best to your flooring during the years of living in the beautiful region.

Elevate the way you walk on the floor.

Vogue parquet’s valuable clients get exotic, smooth, and organically finished hardwood flooring for their residences or commercial spaces. Live the Miami beautiful beach-nature loving life with the most luxury and organic vibe wood floors in your living with us.

We are not the flooring industry experts focused on pasting our previous style of wood to other future clients. As we concentrate on the new ways of thinking and living styles to invent our future of luxury hardwood flooring for adding an authentic feel to the world of flooring.

Receive the most authentic hardwood floor placed with a vogue parquet at your Miami residence.

We are open to every kind of space.

Let’s connect with us at 7866069310 or email your query anytime.

We support every different thought process related to hardwood floors and vibrant styles of luxury living.

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