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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

What interior and color combination goes well with dark wood floors.

We get many queries related to dark wooden flooring texture or is it good to have dark wood flooring in kitchen or how dark wood floor living room feels like?

So let's try to decode these queries

dark wood flooring living room - This image signifies how it feels to stand on the dark wood flooring. You will feel so confident and proud of your attractive dark floors

To walk on authentic, rich, and luxury floors, dark wood flooring is the best option by your side.

Whether it’s your cottage, penthouse, or commercial space, dark wood flooring proves to be a cherry on top of your interior planning as it goes with almost every spacing from classic rooms to formal areas.

We can make a dark version of flooring of any kind of hardwood.

At vogue parquet, we recommend French oak, European oak, hickory, and walnut because they are darker naturally.

More to add — If you prefer pre-finished engineered dark-toned flooring, you will receive lots of long-term advantages.

So, let’s mind some awesome benefits of dark wood flooring.

  • You can create dark hardwood by staining, which is more creative and will go with your preferred interior.

  • Dark toned flooring absorbs sunlight which prevents them from getting faded away easily as light hardwood.

  • Dark hardwood gives a nice contrast match with light shade furniture and white walls in your home interior.

  • This will add high value to your property in terms of appearance and selling compared to light floors.

  • Dark wood floors will also hide dirt, dust, pet hair, and small particles that will take less time in maintenance and give more time for your life.

Dark wood floors installed in miami - this image represents the elegance and classy look of dark wood floors after installation. The dark wood floors can look extremely beautiful if combined well with colors

Now glimpse into the combination of modern interiors and dark wood flooring

Use these exotic mind-blowing ideas with your dark wood floors to decorate your interior in one of the memorable ways.

  • Place light-toned hardwood furniture. It will move in coordination with your darker flooring and give a spaced stylish glitter to your residence.

  • Look at your walls:- If you have small rooms with dark floors, paint your walls lighter white, peach, or cream. Or if you have a large room size, paint your walls dark to make them cosy. Add lights to give your room warmth and get some crispy vibes in.

  • Talk about curtains and carpets:-

If you have elegant windows and want to keep your eyes on your curtain. You must prefer a light shade or a transparent curtain to give it a bright, welcoming look.

On the other hand,

If you want to block extra brightness from outside, you must go with heavy drag curtains for a warm feel at your residence.

White cabinets with dark wood floors will work like heaven in woods, creating an appealing impact.

interior planning with dark wood floors - This image shows how well the dark wood floors blends well with light color.

Get some interior style patterns with dark wood floors

  • Darker floor with light blossom seat.

  • Arrange unique wood species in one place.

  • Dark wood floors in the kitchen with a white cabinet are lit.

  • Install green plants with your dark flooring.

  • Velvet and leather cover on your furniture will elevate your home interior and increase its value with dark wood floors.

if you follow the right color combinations then your dark wood floor living room or any other rooms will look classy, elegant, and trending.

Our pre-finished engineered French oak hardwood flooring is our premium choice from all other categories.

We will help you with installation, product selection, and finishing your dark wood flooring as per your thoughts. As we deliver more than you expected from flooring industry experts by getting on the personal experience radar.