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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

In recent months our clients have opted for a clean and minimalist design, this is where we introduced the style of Scandinavian wood floors.

Scandinavian style wood floors in Miami

But what do Scandinavian floors really mean?

Scandinavian interiors are identified by bringing nature indoors, they focus on being simple, and ecological but very functional. Hardwood floors are part of this aesthetic and form the foundation of the space, hardwood floors are like the largest piece of art in a space, so it is considered very well in this style of interior. Hardwood flooring for this design is all about adding texture and depth to a room while keeping the color palette neutral, wide planks and herringbone patterns were the design choice.

How to archive authentic Scandinavian hardwood floors

The most important characteristic for the Nordic or Scandinavian style is the very natural wood that looks like a raw material but is extremely functional. The wood has to come from sustainable forests since it is not only good for the planet but also for well-being.

Now let's talk about the types of wood species and finishes for this Nordic style.

European oak

Scandinavian hardwood floors

Our first recommendation is European white oak, in whitewashed using a very matte finish, when you combine oak with whitewash you get that natural raw look that makes a room look even bigger, which is very important for Scandinavian design, white oak is very versatile and durable, besides being one of the species that best absorbs stains.

French oak

French oak flooring

French oaks the grains are tighter, the wood is denser and has a higher concentration of tannins than the American and European Oak. The region of French Alsace is known for its first-class sessile oak, and it is one of the most valuable oak species. Resulting in a more resistant floor for functionality. Pre-finish French oak in white color using an oil finish is perfect for an Authentic Nordic interior.

Douglas fir

A Douglas wood floor creates a highly elegant and harmonious interior due to the extraordinary dimensions, with super long and wide planks. An extravagant solution with logical references to the majestic Douglas tree. It has a wonderful prominent grain pattern, is extremely pale which allows it to seamlessly blend into the Scandinavian design style. Lye and white oil should be the finish that best suits the Nordic style.

Natural and airy Scandinavian colors


hardwood flooring in Miami

If you are looking to remodel your residence and appreciate the simple things in life, Scandinavian interior design is perfect for you. Clean lines, neutral color pallets, and practical furniture stand for the Scandinavian style as Its focus is on minimalism and comfort, inviting natural light and nature into your residence.

Wood flooring project on mind? As always we are here for you, please reach out to or call us at (786) 606-9301 for any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to share our blog on your social media.

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