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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Pre-finished hardwood flooring, its pros, and cons.


Pre-finished hardwood flooring in Miami

Miami is not only famous for its spectacular beaches and weather,

but also for the South Beach lifestyle, fashion, and colorful architecture

pre-finished hardwood flooring to enhance the beauty of Miami

The art deco in Miami Beach was inspired by European trends in Paris and the Mediterranean and presented the city with new possibilities of lively colors and exclusive design.

Placing Pre-finished wood flooring as the number 1 product for designers, architects, and professionals in the construction industry, as these offer a large variety in terms of colors, finishes, and sizes that come ready to be installed.

The traditional method of putting in hardwood flooring is time-consuming, messy, and exposes the installer and homeowners to toxic fumes from stains and sealants. Pre-finish hardwood flooring offers an easier and more durable alternative to archive the beauty of wood floors.

So let’s dive in !

pre-finished hardwood floor design

Pre-finished flooring is the ready-to-use material for homeowners who want a more durable floor and a faster installation process. As these are stain and UV sealed beforehand in the factory. During manufacturing, pre-finished hardwood floors are treated with an aluminum oxide crystal sealant for an extremely rugged surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, moving furniture, and other forms of wear and tear.

In order to give the top of planks a smooth finish, the manufacturer creates bevels along the top edges of each plank. These bevels are very small, just a tiny fraction of an inch.

Bevel reference :

pre-finished hardwood flooring bavel reference

The tough, UV-cured, factory-applied superior chemical top coat lasts longer than a typical one applied on-site. With normal wear, you can expect the finish to last 40 percent longer when compared to on site finish one.

pre-finished hardwood floors finishing process in factory

You have the option to select solid hardwood or engineered hardwood that come pre-finish crafted by professionals in the factory. Once is installed and clean you can enjoy your new hardwood floors immediately.

pre-finished solid hardwood samples

Request a hardwood flooring sample

Vogue parquet serves vibrant, pre-finished flooring styles and luxury flooring with a passion for making every project memorable.

On the other part

On site-finished hardwood flooring is a raw material that needs to be finished on site. Usually stained, and topped protective polyurethane coats after they've been installed. The process takes several days.

After this, pre-finished hardwood took up the market choice more than the site-finished ones. As they are more durable, comes in many colors and textures like a wire brush, hand-scraped, and distress, plus your project take less time to be completed.

pre-finished hardwood flooring at home

Here are the pros and cons that our clients found while working with our pre-finished hardwood material and its installation process.


  • No unwanted smell: As the coating is done in the factory which prevents the odor and hard smell of stains, stay there only.

  • Immediate finishing of wood floor: You can walk right after the installation with no precaution from coating and fear of footprints.

  • Needs less time to get ready: You don’t have to wait for days to use your wood floor if you select a pre-finished one. As they cure the smell before being delivered to your home.

  • Genuine purchasing: We have a large selection of pre-finish hardwood floors that are already designed, coated, and finished for your home interior or we can create a custom color and finish for your hardwood flooring project.

  • Less mess and disturbance: the installation process take less time than un-finish flooring.

  • As perfect as possible: There are more uniformity and consistency with the coloring and staining in the boards

  • More durable: Our pre-finish wood floors are made with an anti-scratch coating that makes the floor more resistant to minor surface damage.


  • Not a DIY project: Installers need to take care of the pre-finished hardwood while working to avoid dents, scratches and discoloration while working with adhesive and use proper installation method for professional results.

  • It’s Pricey: these floors can cost from $10 per sqft and up. Furthermore, the durability of the finish on pre-finished flooring can make it difficult to remove these surface layers if you ever want to refinish your flooring in the future.

Vogue parquet is pre-finished hardwood flooring expert

As always we are here for you, please reach out to or call us at (786) 606-9301 for any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to share our blog on your social media.

We support every different thought process related to hardwood floors and vibrant styles of luxury living.


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