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Free shipping on all orders above 1000 sqft

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Consider adding 10-12% for waste. 

7 days return


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  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards and wire transfer.
  • Does Vogue Parquet sell Engineered hardwood flooring ?
    Yes, our engineered hardwood flooring selection is available by appointment.
  • Can you do custom wood flooring?
    That's our specialty! we can create a custom hardwood flooring to your specifications.
  • Do you offer phone consultation?
    We do, thats actually the first step, we offer free phone consultation.
  • Where is your product fabricated ?
    Our wood flooring collections are manufactured in Europe, mostly from Belgium.
  • Can you send wood samples to my home ?
    We provide free samples, contact us to request yours.
  • Do you offer consultation?
    Our team of experts will be happy to guide you during the entire process of your project, by assisting you from wood selection to the art of installation.
  • What is engineered wood flooring?
    Engineered hardwood floor planks are made up of layers of wood known as plies that are bonded together using high heat and pressure. The all-natural core of the planks consists of plywood, and a layer of hardwood veneer is attached to the top surface which is the real wood species of your choice.
  • Can you send products to another state in the USA?
    Yes! we can deliver curbside our products to any state in USA and we can also offer international shipping.
  • What are your shipping lead times?
    In stock product are in US warehouse and can ship to anywhere in North America in 4-7 business days. If a product is not in stock or is a custom product, lead times may vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on the project needs. If you would like a more information for your project, please give us a call.
  • How much wastage shall I encounter for ?
    The areas of installation will dictate the waste of any project, small areas will required more waste than open spaces. For plank we advise on 10-12% wastage and for patterns floors such as herringbone or Chevron, may need 15-20% wastage.
  • Do you offer installation services of hardwood flooring?
    Yes! We professionally install al types of hardwood flooring, including engineered and solid hardwood flooring.
  • Do you have a lincense and insurance?
    Yes! Vogue Parquet is a hardwood flooring contractor with license and insurance.
  • Do you sell and install herringbone wood floor
    At Vogue Parquet we are experts in any parquet wood floor, including herringbone, chevron and more, we also have a large range of herringbone wood floors.
  • Can you travel for installation services?
    We are a local wood flooring contractor base in Miami, FL. Unfortunately we can only offer our installation services to Miami and its surroundings. However we are able to offer our products anywhere in the USA and international.
  • Are you able to demolish existing flooring and prepare subfloor ?
    Yes As a professional contractor we ca only begin wood flooring installation after subfloor is prepared. We will make sure the subfloor has the correct condition for your new wood flooring.


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