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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Custom-made luxury wood flooring for Miami city. Served with European values and art styles of Belgium.

The most reliable and a must-read for people who want to have wood flooring at their place.

As classic surfaced hardwood flooring can completely improve your home and living with its features after the arrangements. We are sharing information about the installation and unique benefits of hardwood flooring that will help you select a suitable wood floor category for yourself.

So, gaze into the world of exotic wood floors to reinvent what hardwood flooring you want.

Solid hardwood.

The natural essence of solid wood floors gives a warm appearance to your residence and a hearty welcome to your guests that will make them inspired by your choice. You can transform it by refinishing and sanding it when you want.

Solid hardwood is vulnerable moisture and gets dark with passing years.

Harder quality of wood will prevent sound and Softer quality will get damaged easily by dents and climate fluctuation.

If wanted to install, get a wood subfloor above or at ground level that will manage moisture and humidity. But its long life and value will land you in satisfaction.

Engineered hardwood.

Made with multi-layers of wood compressed together with glue, heat, and strength. Gives extra installation ways with substantial quality.

If you want to refinish it, you must go with a thick wear layer of an engineered plank. Can be installed on concrete and wood subfloor below ground level for a durable finish at the end.

Engineered hardwood flooring specifications.

As you know, we are more focused on engineered wood, as they are suitable for Miami’s weather and can go with its vibrant, stylish culture.

Our engineered wood floors are cross layered that makes them strong for your every corner need from walls, ceilings to the staircase.

You will receive it with a top veneer thick layer above the 12 plywood layers. Pressed one on the other with the tongue-and-groove system available in various wood species.

Benefits of engineered wood flooring before buying:

● Serve your exotic finish with beautiful knots, cracks, and grains pattern types of designs to transform your space.

● I am sure about their lifetime support of 30–100 years and very easy to install with our team at vogue parquet.

● Easily get installed on dry concrete slabs and on wood subfloors as per your need.

You can smoothly install your engineered hardwood over tile floor if you have it in good condition.

If you want to cover your basement or bathroom with engineered wood. It’s a big “yes”. It is recommended for any grade level.

What you must consider while buying hardwood floors today.

Every person has a self-perspective on wood floors. As some want uniformity, others want real knots, holes, and scratches. Maybe you reading this guide got different views.

Hardwood has its own identity, which makes homeowners, interior designers, and builders work with quality hardwood floors rather than anything else.

1. Wood species

White oak: Popular for its moderate shade variations, moderate linear grains, and durability.

Hickory: Harder wood with natural color combinations, interesting graining, and creamy light shades. Wider planks show beautiful organic designs on the board.

Walnut: Call it American walnut or black walnut. Rich in shade, adds warmth to your living place, and naturally has knots variations on the surface.

Ash: Our ash flooring will give a welcoming feel where you place it. The tone ranges from pale white to light brownish with graining of straight, wavy, and round patterns. You will observe similarities with white oak.

Maple: Our Belgium imported maple hardwood is creamy and pale shaded with graining of “bird’s-eye” on it. We will recommend opting for pre-finished maple to get a conditioned finish.

Our ultimate expertise species.

European oak: Our quality European oak is authentic and made in Belgium or Portugal.

French Oak: Originated from France and everything is European from oak species to the way they cut the wood log during milling. One of the most desirable wood flooring in our beautiful city Miami, famous material among designers, and homeowners because of its fascinating features.

2. Decide on what type of vibe you want at your place.

● Classic and concise finish with pre-finished engineered.

● Organic look with knots, grains, and random dents, for a vintage interior.

● French oak with higher tannin gives an aged look made with love.

● Light to medium brownish finish flooring for formal spaces.

● Parquet flooring has creative patterns popular in Europe, you can observe these in hotels, museums, and luxury restaurants. It’s in our Casa Teresa collection which can help you design your customized flooring using vibrant geometrical designs as herringbone, chevron, and parquet the Versailles.

3. Best hardwood floors and a suitable place to select.

In our previous blogs, we have cleared the quality and features in-depth related to solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

So, here we will clarify which type of category is suitable for your chosen area.

● For your bedroom (European white oak/ Walnut).

A bedroom is your personal area and has less traffic compared to others in the house. So, you can choose solid or engineered as per your wish.

● For your kitchen (Hickory/ White oak).

The kitchen suffers from daily heavy traffic, spilling water, dropping of objects, and moving of things. This type of atmosphere needs an engineered, thick veneer layer to behave as durable flooring.

● For a personal great room (Maple/Hickory/Oak).

This one is more relaxed, comfortable, and can be taken as an informal space in your house. Handmade textures on solid hardwood and lighter shades can work wonders.

● For the living room and dining room (Walnut, cherry, maple, French Oak, European Oak).

Elegant wood type is recommended with narrow boards such as white and red oak species. Darker shades with engineered form will be the best fit.

● Bathrooms.

Pre-finished engineered hardwood is for extra moist areas of your house like bathrooms where water is always the tension. But we at vogue parquet can solve these issues and can install fine hardwood floors.

4. Exclusive patterns for your hardwood flooring.

We have 5 different patterns which you can select from and create customized flooring, walls, and specific staircase for you.

Regular planks: Available for all grading and all collections with us.

Chevron: Grading we serve in chevron are prime and rustic on your request.

Herringbone: Grading available is prime and rustic on request.

Alternating widths: Grading is available in all grading and collections.

Versailles: You will get a mix of grades and presents only in the Residence collection.

5. Customer expectations and more features to explore about hardwood flooring:

You will discover vibrant aspects of hardwood in this blog which will help you decide about your customized flooring and come to an amazing interior view.

So, here we go.

Grade of your floor-board.

The hardwood flooring grade helps customers and builders decide on which type of wood has what number of markings and characters.

Some are natural shapes and others are drawn up in the lumbering stage. These uncertain styles on the hardwood grade depict the organic and classic feel of hardwood flooring.

1. Prime: Soothing of all the grades and giving a consistent appearance in your entire area. Very little to negligible knots with natural shades, no crack, no sapwood, only relaxing finish and diameter of knots maximum 10 mm.

2. Rustic A: European styled and has a natural color with white spots. Rustic is designated when floors have an organic wood appearance and to signify hardwood that is suitable for interior work. Not so few knots of maximum 20 mm. Get it with French oak and explore how flawless it becomes.

3. Rustic A/B grade: Rustic A/B is a mix of rustic A and B in one which looks rejuvenating with wood grain and elevates your interior 5 times more. As knots are spring but filled unlimited knots of a maximum 30 mm diameter. Select this product for a fusion of natural and luxurious feel at your place.

4. Rustic grade of old oak: Rustic grade old oak with open knots and dry cracks, then carefully worked with a band saw. The result is a weathered and warm multi-layer parquet with a pleasant relief.

5. Rustic: This rustic structure has many knots and cracks with various colour combinations. Have cracks and knots with a maximum of 50 mm of diameter present.

Bevel style for your preferred floorboard.

Edge style and the appearance that is archived once planks are together.

● U-Bevel (Dimensions 1.5 *3mm).

● Micro V bevel (Dimensions 1mm deep).

● V-bevel 2 or 4 sides (Dimensions 2 mm deep).

● Aged bevel: Dimensions of 2mm deep.

Sort out your finish.

1. Brushed.

If you want a sturdy look with the highlighted grain on your hardwood floor, then your wait is over here.

As you will get a plank brushed fine with a steel brush, which prevents soft tissue and enhances the grain.

2. Aged.

This plank will present your interior with vintage realism instantly after installation. Aged planks are tumbled with nails and gravel, which makes scratches and pits on the floor with an output of weathered flooring.

3. Band saw the effect.

Are you an art lover?

Then this rough-looking effect acts as happiness at your place. The band saw roller creates fine lines on your wood plank, which gives an artisanal and creative feel as if your floor arrives from an art museum.

4. Coloured bevels.

Do you want a classic darkish floor for an exotic finish?

In that way, you must go for colored bevels on your hardwood color that will give life to your uncolored bevels, and then you can smell the smooth aura after installation.

Size of the planks to select for your floors.

● Thickness we provide for better installation: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4".

● Widths provide for easy installation starting from 7” to 12".

● Length approximately up to 10’.

Deserving rates of flooring service at vogue parquet.

Hardwood flooring prices:

● Product price changes depending on the specifications you select. Rates start at $8 to 30 per sq ft.

● High-quality installation starts at $4 per sq ft.

But for designers, builders, and architects we have crafted exclusive prices in a combined package of material and installation. If you select the combined package of our material+installation, you will achieve lower prices with classic work.

French oak is our most luxurious expertise to have at $20 per sq ft.

Add on:

When you select European or French Oak products, you will get free 6 months of our exquisite organic coconut soap cleaning product.

From wood choice to installation, you can expect the premium version of hardwood flooring on-site service from our side.

Look at the hardwood log cuts, which set a unique example of the work ethics we follow:

As after deciding on your wood species, you must consider how your log is cut to give it a personalized choice.

Here are 4 different cuts:

● Live Sawn: European style cut which is environmentally friendly and antique in design leaving no waste behind. The last look is a combination of Plain sawn, Rift Sawn, and a quarter.

● Plain Sawn: Usual method where the board is chopped gives a cathedral grain pattern and the same waste.

● Quarter Sawn: The cut is 45 degrees to the face of the board with the final product of linear grain pattern with zero flecking.

● Rift Sawn: This cut is famous for white oak, French oak, European oak, and maple species as they are expensive to have. Your planks are split perpendicular to tree growth giving you a modern feel by a thin linear grain pattern.

Legit colors to have for your hardwood flooring:

1. Natural 101.

2. Light cognac 102.

3. Dark cognac.

4. Chocolate 104.

5. Dark grey 105 A.

6. Light grey 105 S.

7. Anthracite 106.

8. Black 107.

9. Tobacco.

10. Washed out dark brown 109.

11. Bleach Grey 110.

12. Straw 111.

13. Amber 112.

Installation methods we prefer for your flooring:

● Nail-down: In this, we use nails instead of staples to settle floors and used for engineered or solid hardwood flooring.

● Staple-down: In this, we use the narrow-shaped stapler to quick your flooring, especially for pre-finished hardwood on the plywood sub-floor.

● Glue: We smoothly Glue-down your newly selected wood flooring on the subfloor, especially for solid and engineered hardwood.

Steps planning for your hardwood flooring installation:

● We will give a phone consultation to gather information about client needs and interior design style.

● Then site visit to check your sub-floor condition and measurement requirements.

● Material selection in which we show you samples to take your views. However, we can customize it to your specification, as per your imagination.

● On-time delivery of the product to project site.

● Wood floor acclimation will take 5–10 days.

● Then we will apply a moisture mitigation system or install plywood to your sub-floor if needed.

● Your hardwood installation of hardwood flooring is successful.

As artisans and experts in parquet, we like to select from French and European oak pre-finished, as they define luxury and class of you as a unique personality.

Are you a person who wants to see their residence and business look how you imagined?

Then vogue parquet can make it real for you.

As we offer custom flooring options as per your specifications with professional installation service plus 8+ years of experience in the flooring industry.

First, calmly discuss your wood species, grades, bevel, material, color, and reach out to us at 786–606–9301 for more information.

We want to see you walk confidently on your luxury floors.


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