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Updated: Feb 23

French oak is one of the most desirable wood flooring in our beautiful City of Miami, it’s a popular material among designers and homeowners for very good reasons, not to mention that it looks sensational.

In this article, I'm going to share insight, benefits, and tips on how to select, install, and maintain your French oak hardwood flooring

First, let’s start with “What is French oak”?

French oak flooring near me Miami

French oak is a wood species called oak originating from France and it's famous for its durability also a very versatile material with a high-quality appearance. The unique environmental conditions in France lead to Oak trees growing slowly and firmly, creating the highest level of strength, which makes French oak wood ideal for structures like flooring. What makes French Oak stand out from other Oak varieties is its tannin levels. French Oak has high tannins, which means it will absorb stains the best. This results in a more natural stain for any color and a better quality overall, popular French oak is known for its luxurious appearance, height, and years of strength. It has a variety of vibrant shades from white, dark, brown, and pale tones. That you will love to install at your residence.

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French oak wood flooring

Choose Wisely

My number 1 tip: always recommended our clients to check the authenticity of the flooring. The millworker who produced the wood flooring should be a sustainable timber merchant who respects and understands the timing to produce high-grade quality French oak flooring from a certified forest.

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Tip number 2: a knowledgeable hardwood flooring contractor will keep an eye close to the material to inspect color, shape and grade of every single board they install. This procedure ensures that clients get the right standards of material. The quality of your French oak flooring will reflect on the finish results once its installed.

Benefit from Real French oak, count on some worthy benefits

  • French oak is a decorative classic flooring available in the parquet of Versailles, Herringbone, Chevron and any custom parquet.

  • Comes in an unlimited range of shades and finishes, like distressed and deep wire brush so you can create a unique look in your home, by selecting shades and finishes for French oak hardwood flooring that match your tastes and your interior design .

  • The grains of wood are located close, making the pattern on the floor look elegant and flat to suit various home styles.

  • Oak of France has its own look which no one can forget, with calm yellow lush syncing in amber honey tone.

  • Its tannin feature is popular in the winemaking industry because it is anti-bacterial and pours out a remarkable aroma. Tannin wood provides quality adhesion and consistent protection from stains, which makes it live for several years.

French Oak flooring is one of our specializations, as we recommend it because of its natural, sustainable, and unique qualities.

Get more tips before you get your French oak flooring installed at your residence.

  • Select strong and wonderful hardwood flooring material from experienced hardwood flooring industry experts like Vogue Parquet. We understand the variety of standards, sizes, and finishes.

  • Taking care of its value and design, you must approach professionals which can install them with perfection for you as a tiny mistake can be seen.

  • Protect your investment in the extreme climate of Miami by preparing your subfloor with a good moisture mitigation system. If you want your French oak floors to survive for decades and give a smooth experience.

Installing French oak wood flooring:

what is french oak flooring

If you are investing in the best, you certainly want the finish results to illustrate that !

Choose to work with a professional in the industry.

Installing hardwood flooring correctly requires knowledge, an eye for details, having the correct methods and to be equipped with professional tools. This ensures impeccable results and problem free.

Cleaning & Maintaining your French oak hardwood flooring.

I personally love how easy and uncomplicated it is to clean and maintain these beautiful floors once they are properly installed, as I've had to clean hundreds of our very own projects. These beauty from Oak trees to floor has been produced to create a perfect and aesthetically pleasing material, it's extremely durable, and if it maintains correctly it can last a lifetime.

Few simple measures to protect the beauty of French oak flooring:

Use a soft bristle broom, or vacuum it with a soft floor attachment, to get all the dust and loose dirt from the floor, we recommend you invest in a good vacuum since the key to maintain hardwood floors is to remove all the dust or dirt to prevent dents and scratches.

Clean the surface of your French oak hardwood flooring with a soft mop too, preferably a microfiber one. The microfiber dust mop will not scratch your French oak flooring.

Here comes a very important point! Never use harsh chemicals to clean your hardwood floor.We recommend using a non-toxic product that we always used when we finished any installation, bona floor care cleaning is safe for wood floors and leaves no dulling residue, if you have kids or pets is safe for your family and home. Avoiding too much moisture settling on your wood floor is clear common sense.

French oak flooring Miami

Picture: Residence collection in Parquet de Versailles.

You can fully customize your floors with Vogue Parquet. From the type of wood to the wear layer thickness, to the color, and so much more, you are in control. A beautiful program for designers, builders, and architects from our residence collection of French Oak.

We provide full service from product selection to installation, which incorporates a feeling of luxury and exoticness at your place.

As one of our happy customers wrote - "Vogue Parquet the only wood flooring company in Miami to made custom high end french oak wood flooring"

If you want more information related to natural and lively French oak hardwood flooring, reach out to us at 7866069310 or email your inquiry anytime.


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