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And why is the preferred material in Miami.

Our engineered hardwood is made in Belgium and Portugal. We specialize in serving French and European oak wood, as it’s our recommendation to every homeowner, builder, architect, and designer.

Now stuck on to know- How they are made.

Engineered hardwood comprises layering and glueing multiple plywoods together. On top are the veneer layer of natural hardwood (French oak, Hickory or any other species) and underneath this one is the plywood core board.

That core board is stacked together with the plywood on the top of another in counter ways and glued for a fine look.

Because of this crossing plies in engineered hardwood finished planks are dimensionally stronger than solid hardwood floors.

Stability, durability, and finished features because of crossing material made of engineered hardwood to be installed in-floor heating areas, concrete floors, and other extreme temperature humid parts in your residence. More layers of plywood mean more stability.

Some engineered hardwood is constructed from high-density fiberboard or HDF — more stable than the core board.

The top natural hardwood layer signifies the quality standards of your engineered flooring made with French Oak veneer is our best advice.

Veneer layer thickness is 3 mm to 6 mm on average and is pre-finished with an easy installation process. Your floors will be 6 to 10' long.

Let’s understand its structure:

Engineered hardwood flooring is generally multi-layered, with 6 to 12 plywood glued together to form a wood plank. That strong cross layering of ply is joined to craft a massive, elegant floorboard for sustainable use.

Our engineered hardwood flooring on your floor will remain constant even in an extreme climate, humidity, and changing situation. The special part is this type of flooring can suffer fluctuation in the temperature that is common in bathrooms and kitchens where natural solid hardwood contracts but not our strong engineered flooring. Because of the core board, which stays consistent in moisture climates like Miami.

In all ways, engineered hardwood flooring is a win-win situation for Miami residents.

Miami is a diverse city with different exotic beaches. The vibrant nature-friendly city has an extreme tropical climate with heat, humidity, and warm sunny atmosphere. It has vast water resources inside the city which makes it lively for its residents. And because of a great deal of water Miami experiences a high scale of thunderstorms and weather frequency which affects buildings, constructions, and flooring material.

These natural reasons make us use engineered hardwood flooring in Miami that can suffer in extreme weather conditions as it is multi-layered with a stronger surface than other raw hardwood materials.

Engineered hardwood floors are manufactured by professionals with multi-layered pieces of floor. These are thick between 5/8” to 3/4" with (4mm) Compressed and pasted together making a firm moisture-resistant hardwood.

Quality natural hardwood like maple, hickory, and oak is taken as the top layer to make it look like natural solid hardwood flooring. This layer will resist wear and tear with other hard hits.

Engineered hardwood flooring elevates the beautiful Miami homes by providing a classy, finished, and luxurious exotic feel at your pace. It will save your future by adding 80 % ROI.

Why engineered hardwood flooring supports Miami residents.

Residence Collection

Favorable Miami weather: Your Strong and layered flooring is specially crafted to protect you from extreme weather conditions and resist moisture in the hot-humid climate.

It's fit for humidity: As you are aware, sunny Miami summers cause contractions and cracks in solid hardwood. But in the case of engineered hardwood, you won’t face that.

Easy to selection: They are available in a vibrant stylish design with us for you to choose from and can be professional installed.

Install where you want: You can install these in your kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living rooms, and other areas of your residence.

Use with a relaxing mind: After using engineered hardwood flooring you can live with no worries related to the humid Miami environment and harsh climate.

Famous engineered hardwood flooring designs in Miami.

Friendly colored- Timbre.

Slight whitewashed finish- Sado.

Warm brown-toned- Douro.

Dark neutral inspiring- Mondego.

Elegant Tanned — Tua Design.

Casa Teresa Collection

Elevate the way you walk on the floor.

Vogue parquet as the luxury flooring service will support you from product selection to finishing.

Now you can live the Miami beach life with no worries and in an authentic way by taking engineered hardwood for your floors.

As we believe in providing authentic, lively hardwood floors to our premium clients. Our projects create stories of memorable luxury places transformed by our elegant wood floors

We hope this blog has given all the information needed related to engineered hardwood flooring.

As always we are here for you, please reach out to or call us at (786) 606-9301 for any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to share our blog on your social media.


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