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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Construction time is a bit unpredictable as some inconveniences can arise during the process, but as a hardwood flooring contractor we will provide you with a guide of the time an installation can take from start to finish.

Hardwood floor installation in Miami.

This is a common question among Miami homeowners that is " how long to install hardwood floors? "

Here is the process

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Once you order the hardwood flooring it can take 1-10 weeks for the hardwood to arrive. The hardwood floors needs to be dropped off for acclimation so the wood gets used to the temperature and humidity in your house. Acclimation, is the process of allowing wood to reach its equilibrium moisture content within normal living conditions. We suggest you let the wood acclimate for 10 days. Proper acclimation is one of the most important steps of hardwood floor installation. Not properly acclimating wood flooring may cause excessive expansion, shrinkage, dimensional distortion, or even structural damage.

how long to install hardwood floors

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Installation will take 2-7 days but this can vary on the amount of wood being installed and complexity of the area and angles. If we are installing patterns, diagonal etc it can take longer as there are more cuts.

how long to install hardwood floors

Picture: @vogueparquet

If there is a flooring that needs to be ripped up, it can take a bit longer, usually 1-2 days. If furniture is being moved or If the subfloor needs preparation that also add some extra time, around 1-2 days

Sanding and refining often takes 3-5 days (for unfinished)

how long to install hardwood floors

Conclusion: How long to install hardwood floors - Pre-finish hardwood will take longer to arrive, but less time to install while unfinished hardwood will arrive quickly, but will take longer to install.

Pre-finished total install time for 1,000 sqft or less ( 4-7 days + extra if floor prep is needed or tile rip up )

Unfinished total install time for 1,000 sqft or less ( 5-12 days + extra I’d floor prep is needed or tile rip up)

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