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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Hardwood flooring means the real essence of natural wood on your floor. It will give your living a luxurious appearance and a smooth surface with vintage effects on it.

There are other materials available in the market nowadays that can appear like real hardwood and can catch your attention for a while. But they can’t compete with the classic and pure hardwood flooring.

So, here are some negative and positive aspects of hardwood that everyone ought to know about before selecting hardwood flooring material for your home and other commercial spaces.

Beneficial investment: After installing hardwood, you don’t need to think much about your interior styling match. As it is adorable and blends with every kind of home decor trend. Plus point is that you can use it for your office as well as for your home.

Firm and elegant:

It will be your lifelong friend, as it can last up to 100 years if taken proper care. The cost of wood flooring is sky-high with time and provides profitable returns after years.

Hardwood flooring got luxury as well basic options as per your budget but has profitable worth at the end. As it will increase your residence, value year after year.

Wide-end choices as per your money inflow are present with vibrant shades and beautiful patterns. You can also blend a different wood variety together to give it a unique fusion.

Hardwood is a loyal flooring material. As it ca be sanded or stained to get a fresh grace. It regains its shine and original surface after ages. Fewer chances to get cracked as a comparison to vinyl, marble, linoleum, etc.

Easy to clean hardwood flooring:

As only needs vacuuming and mopping.

Promotes pleasant atmosphere:

Real wood flooring prevents allergies and will avoid fleas, spores, and dust mites like parasites.

Safer for your children or babies to crawl out of the wood floor. As its hypo-allergic, natural material, biodegradable, and neglects stink smell. You can also install a heating system under the wooden surface to keep your home warm.

Keep a sustainable level of the atmosphere at your home with its biodegradable quality.

Here are some points to consider before opting for hardwood flooring:

  • Cost can fluctuate depending on your choice and professional help while installing.

  • Select quality wood for your flooring as it can get affected by termites which can destroy your wooden work from inside. You can detect them by observing some squeaky and hollow sounds or you can smash hammer on the wood to hear the infected weak part.

  • Avoid contact with moisture or water spill, which can make wood swell by damaging its smooth surface. Don’t install them in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • As exposure to water or most components can lead to crowning, fading, cupping, and molds spread on the wood floor.

The Bottom Line:

choosing hardwood floors can be pleasant and fun while selecting your hardwood category as per your lifestyle and preference.

Select from these varieties of hardwood flooring:

  • Maple wood floors.

  • White oak floors.

  • French oak floors

  • Hickory wood floors.

  • American walnut wood floors.

  • Pinewood floors (Eastern white pine or southern yellow pine)

  • Ash wood floors.

  • Birchwood floors.

  • Douglas fir wood floors.

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