As a mom i know how difficult it is to maintain your home’s flooring clean and to protect the floors from dents and scratches at the same time, especially when you have younger kids, but i do know that hardwood floors are an excellent option for families with kids.

In this article i will share some of the tips i have learned during the years i have been in the hardwood flooring industry and how to select hardwood floors that hold up better for family with kids or busy households.

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Solid or engineered

So, lets dive in.

1: Species

Choose hardwood species with stronger grains like white oak, red oak and hickory, because these wood species tend to hide more scratches and dents. White oak has a smoother graining for a modern look, red oak has much more graining for a tradicional look and when it comes to hickory its much more harder and its has more graining for a rustic look.


Select hardwood with light colors as they show scratches and dents less than dark hardwood. If you have ever seen a scratch on a wood plank you see the underlying base of wood underneath and if you have light hardwood its more similar to the raw wood color so it will show less. I recommend selecting natural colors or very light colors.

Vogue Parquet color sample

3: Finishes

You want to avoid shine finishes as they show more dent and scratches, you may want to consider satin or matte finishes as these type of finishes are more durable, very easy to clean and maintain. In my opinion they also look much more stylish and goes with any look you want to go for in you home.

4: Types:

Pre-finished or Un-finished Hardwood floors ?

I have to say that the hardwood flooring industry has improved so much these past 10 years and pre-finished hardwood its the way to go. Pre-finished hardwood offers a more durable finish as these are treated with aluminum oxide crystal sealant for and extremely rugged surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and can maintain its good look for around 25 years. Today you have plenty of pre-finished hardwood to choose from and there are hundreds of color and finishes that you can select.

5: Solid or engineered?

Hardwood flooring will dent and scratch over time, no matter how careful you are or how much you maintain and protect your floors its a fact. With solid hardwood you have the ability to restore then by sanding and refining, that also mean you can change the color and the finish of your floors in the future. With engineered hardwood you have to be careful when you selecting this product because there are many products out there some with very good quality and some not so much, I recommend selecting an engineered hardwood that is pre-finished but make sure the veneer layer which its the real wood its at least 4mm, that way your floor can be sand and refinish in the future.


I hope my tips helps you select the best hardwood flooring for your home and family, but remember no matter what type of hardwood flooring you select every hardwood floor needs maintenance, if you like to know how to clean hardwood flooring see this article :

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