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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Wood is one of the most used materials over the years, we not only find it in furniture, art or crafts, today there is a wide range of wooden floors with the most exquisite finishes, making it possible to have a little piece from nature in our home. Wood is a very versatile material that can adapt to any environment or interior design style.

You can’t wait to see your new hardwood floor turn your home into a beautiful space. You can’t wait for that wood smell to permeate the room or to walk barefoot around your home. Hardwood floors installed is a dream come true for you.

However, even though wood flooring is a such a great option for your home, many of our clients don’t know what they’re looking for when buying hardwood floor materials. If you like some guidance on the variety of hardwood floors, please continue reading.

Before starting I want to let you know that my articles are based on experiences and the years that I have been working in the wood flooring industry.

Back in the days choosing wood flooring was pretty straightforward! Everything was solid hardwood. Now-days, there are many options to consider. While solid hardwood is still a very popular choice, there is also other options for you.

Here is what you need to know.

Solid hardwood flooring:

Is exactly what it sounds like, a solid piece of wood from top to bottom of the species of your selection (hardwood like: oak, hickory, walnut, cherry etc)

Our Founder Jessie believes that white oak specially French oak is the way to go. “ if you were to ask me there is a material out there that can last and can also be in style, I would have to say French or European oak “

the standard thickness is 3/4”, wider plank tend to cost more and you can select un-finished to be finished on site or a pre-finished option that comes with color ready to install.

Engineered hardwood:

There is lots of misinformation about engineered hardwood, and we’re here to clear it up. Engineered hardwood is real wood ! The top surface also called wear/veneer layer is glued to multiple layers of plywood, this construction makes the wood plank more stable, the wear layer is the real wood species of your selection.

Engineered hardwood flooring ca be very customizable and comes in many thickness, width and length. This option is most successful product in Miami.

Alternative Options:

The challenge today is there are so many products that look like wood, but they’re not! They are just a picture of wood on top, material like laminate and vinyl made of chemicals. If you are familiar with wood floors you can noticed the difference instantly because of the plastic looking and repetitive of wood grain pictures (with real wood every board is different like a fingerprint)

As always we are here for you, please reach out to or call us at (786) 606-9301 for any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to share our blog on your social media.


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