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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Hardwood flooring trends 2022 on mind? Wood floors have a charm like no other surface, every year the competition tries to improve their imitations such as porcelain, vinyl, and laminate, which challenges us to have better craftsmanship and innovative processes to achieve exclusive wood floors, from reactive stain techniques to old oak and much more.

2022 hardwood flooring trends

Every year I write an article based on new trends and this year wasn’t the exception, as many of you requested to create an updated "2022 Hardwood flooring trends" version. Keep in mind these tendencies as based on my experience and passion for hardwood flooring and may not apply to your city.

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Our trending hardwood flooring project - Grand Bay Coconut Grove Miami.

During this new year, we will notice big changes in the hardwood flooring industry, we will also see how the same wood floors are used to create accents walls, ceilings, and staircases.

Please see one of our recent projects where we were able to install wood flooring material on walls.

Project: Grand Bay Coconut Grove Miami.

Let’s begin with the newest trends of hardwood flooring 2022.

These are the top 6 trends in hardwood flooring this year

hardwood plank installed in Miami

FULL OF CHARACTER: Growing hardwood floor trend of 2022?

Hardwood flooring with plenty of character is becoming very popular. Wood flooring has several different levels of grading from premium to character. Planks with open knots, cracks, deeply brushed, darker marking whorls and clipped edges are on-trend. The rustic or character wood flooring will be one of the strongest trends for this year.

Incase you need to know - the varieties of hardwood floors

Full of character the growing hardwood flooring trend of 2022

Residence Collection: Color Light Cognac.

SAY GOOD BYE TO GRAYS: Another hardwood flooring trend nowadays

Rich medium browns and natural finishes are the 2022 hardwood flooring trends! Natural finishes and browns are more flexible than grays, which means you can get more creative with your interior design. The look of unfinished wood (no stains) has been a preferred color by clients. Finishes like oil, matte, and very low sheen finishes have taken over with advantages such as hiding imperfections, and dirt.

Before scrolling down, want to know - the advantages of hardwood flooring?

Good bye to greys another hardwood flooring trend 2022

Casa Teresa Collection: Color Beach in Premium Grade.

PARQUET: Made it hardwood flooring trends this year as well

Parquet flooring is very popular in Europe, you can see it in hotels, restaurants, museums, and more. This year designers and homeowners are using herringbone and chevron patterns to create a showpiece in different spaces, even using the patterns for walls or ceilings.

One second!! In case you don't know - What is parquet flooring?

One technique we do often is matching the chevron or herringbone color to create regular planks, that way the parquet floor can be installed in some areas of the home like the living room or dining room and the rest of the home with regular planks, maintaining the same shades for the parquet and regular planks. This avoids the space to busy with a lot of parquet.

The most popular ones are herringbone, chevron, and parquet the Versailles.

Parquet flooring always in hardwood flooring trends

Casa Teresa Collection: Custom Color in Herringbone Pattern.

FRENCH OAK: Another leading trend in hardwood floors

French Oak is one of the most exquisite wood species. Our French Oak hardwood flooring uses only Oak from France because it has a higher tannins level than any other Oak around the world. The higher tannin reacts better in the aging process, giving the wood a beautiful patina and an aged look. We use character-grade French Oak because it has the most beautiful cracks, knots, and tight wood grains that no other wood can match. Each board is handmade with love and dedication.

french oak the new trend in hardwood floors

Residence Collection: Color Amber.

THE WIDEST THE BETTER: Let's see why it's trending

Wide plank hardwoods are less busy than other wood floors, with fewer pieces going into the installation. This lets you see more of the variation and grain across each individual wood plank. Creating a floor that is more interesting and more subtle at the same time. For modern apartments and big spaces, this is an ideal trend. How wide to go ? from 7" to 12" it all depends on the space size and interior design you select, another trend when it comes to width is selecting random width, this is very difficult to install but the end result is fascinating, not sure what random width is? planks come in 3 different widths example 7"/ 9"/ 12 " installation is like a puzzle.

Have a look at - the glimpse into your reclaimed hardwood flooring

Random width : 7", 9", 10" Fix width: 12"


Engineered wood flooring has increased in popularity and use due to its many great benefits. Engineered hardwood flooring is more stable and sustainable than solid hardwood. Other benefits include wider and longer planks and also the ability to install it everywhere (bathrooms, kitchens, and basements) without the wood separating or cupping. Pre-finish engineered hardwood comes in many shades and finishes ready to install and is more durable than the finished on-site, that's because the factory uses stronger finishes that can't be applied on site. Last year 95% of our project used pre-finish engineered material, the trend doesn't seen to go away this year. We believe homeowners, designers and builders are going to be using this material more and more as you can see the final product before its installation, plus the benefit of using the material in other areas in your residence like in walls, staircases, and ceiling.

pre finished engineered hardwood flooring is in trends 2022

Project: Coral Gables, Private Residence, Material European oak in color Alba.

Concluding hardwood flooring trends 2022

Are you going to stay on "hardwood flooring trends 2022" or do you prefer to create custom hardwood flooring for your home or business?

whatever look you want to create, Vogue Parquet can make it possible. Our custom flooring means we make all of your wood flooring order to your specifications, which can also come with the professional and proper installation service.

Decide what thickness, width, color, grade and more fits your home. Whatever your dream hardwood floor looks like, Vogue Parquet can make that hardwood flooring a reality.

As always we are here for you, please reach out to or call us at (786) 606-9301 for any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to share our blog on your social media.


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