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Updated: Apr 11

Hardwood flooring trends 2022 on mind? Wood floors have a charm like no other surface, every year the competition tries to improve their imitations such as porcelain, vinyl, and laminate, which challenges us to have better craftsmanship and innovative processes to achieve exclusive wood floors, from reactive stain techniques to old oak and much more.

2022 hardwood flooring trends

Every year I write an article based on new trends and this year wasn’t the exception, as many of you requested to create an updated "2022 Hardwood flooring trends" version. Keep in mind these tendencies as based on my experience and passion for hardwood flooring and may not apply to your city.

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Our trending hardwood flooring project - Grand Bay Coconut Grove Miami.

During this new year, we will notice big changes in the hardwood flooring industry, we will also see how the same wood floors are used to create accents walls, ceilings, and staircases.

Please see one of our recent projects where we were able to install wood flooring material on walls.

Project: Grand Bay Coconut Grove Miami.

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Let’s begin with the newest trends of hardwood flooring 2022.

These are the top 6 trends in hardwood flooring this year

  1. Full of character

  2. Say goodbye to grays

  3. Parquet

  4. French oak

  5. The widest the better

  6. Pre-finish engineered

hardwood plank installed in Miami

FULL OF CHARACTER: Growing hardwood floor trend of 2022?

Hardwood flooring with plenty of character is becoming very popular. Wood flooring has several different levels of grading from premium to character. Planks with open knots, cracks, deeply brushed, darker marking whorls and clipped edges are on-trend. The rustic or character wood flooring will be one of the strongest trends for this year.

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Full of character the growing hardwood flooring trend of 2022

Residence Collection: Color Light Cognac.

SAY GOOD BYE TO GRAYS: Another hardwood flooring trend nowadays

Rich medium browns and natural finishes are the 2022 hardwood flooring trends! Natural finishes and browns are more flexible than grays, which means you can get mo